Thursday, April 8, 2010


i think she looks uber hawt! ;)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

veritee hill, deathglam, and hey sailor

so, the other day i got to go down to manchvegas to play dressup with some great people! no only was one of my favorite models (LUDELLA!) there, but my big hair day was there too! and she is a GODDESS amongst hair and makeup! i also go to meet miss sarah von terror, who is simply, one of the craziest awesomest peoples i have ever met!

the first shoot we did was black and gold pinup themed, with a bunch of dead critters. i LOVE dead critters. i recived an AMAZING black and gold corset from a wonderful desinger, Veritee Hill. she pretty much kicks as much ass as one can! i also finished up two hats that i had been working on. the original plan was to shoot outside, england weather hated us that day so inside we went. i think it ended up working perfectly. these two are not only SMOKING HOT! but also a gas to work with. thank god we had an amazing photog to catch some of the best images that i have in my book. i am SO proud of these. it was probably one of the greatest teams ever!

these shots here of ludella im super stoked about too. she showed up with this hat from "hey sailor". it is an amazing hat. great quality, real neat (actually, im quite jealous of how amazing it is, but i have only been making hats for about 2 months, this company has been for years. ill get that good soon! LOL). but this hat, it was YELLOW! my arche enemy. i have nothing yellow in my wardrobe. not because i dont like that colour, because i do. but i feel it is a hard colour to work with and a lot of skin tones just look sickly in it. (i know i look like i have an awful case of jaundice when i wear it). so, last minute, i rummage around my box. my big hair day starts making the extra hair and starts doing purple. i was like "YELLOW AND PURPLE!" and pull out my vintage yellow petticoat, a pair of purple opera gloves and purple tights. BOOM! this chick rocked this outfit so hard! and in my opinion, for pulling something out of my ass like that, the shots came out great!

here are some "behind the scenes" shots i took with my blackberry. i always love behind the scene shots. i suppose i should find my camera cord so i can charge it and get better shots. ;)

side note, i started a FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.!/pages/DeathGlam-and-CaraCrassStyling/108325485856074?ref=ts
become my fan. see more photos and updates!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

DeathGlam works with Ken and Kess!

i really couldnt decide on just one. they were all so amazing!

Friday, March 26, 2010

skullin' it up!

[model: lydia photog: dastardly dave styling: ME!]

[model: ludella photog: redrum hair and MU: sarah (my big hair day) latex: veritee hill styling: ME!]

[model: amelia arsenic/destroyX photog: dastardly dave]
well, i have been making hats like a mad [wo]man! im having fun! and soon, i shall be posting a bunch in my etsy for READY TO WEAR! YAY!

i have also gotten to work with a ton of uber rad chicks! Amelia Arsenic, Ludella, Lydia...and even more coming up!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

lydia + dave + cara = HOTNESS

last night was a GREAT night! i went down to manch-vegas to shoot with lydia and dastardly dave. not only did we shoot my two favorite hair pieces that i made, but i also got to style her! everything from the clothes to the wigs. i had so much fun. a few times i had to yell at ms. lydia because she just LOVES to was ok. she was a little dork like me. i love when i meet girls that are actually cool! here are two of the shots (out of three outfits. far more to come). i am UBER STOKED as to how they came out! let me know what you think! i LOVE feedback, but pos and neg. (especially constructive feedback. that way i can get better!)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

samples are finished, bring on the models!

ok, so...all of my samples are DONE! thank god! haha. i have a few shoots coming up with them and i simply CANT WAIT! one with Dastadly Dave and one with RedRum! should be a fun next couple of weeks!

my etsy store is up! check it out! order. as soon as all my samples are done being shot, they will be FOR SALE in the shop. and as cheap as i can make them. so, go! tell your friends!